Simply select the material you want to drill, enter the hole size, hit FIND IT and our search engine will give you all the best options for your job. Then hit BUY it and we’ll have it shipped to you, before you can say where’s my left handed screw driver.


For more than a decade, Tradesman Technologies have manufactured and distributed its Tornado cutting and drilling range to wholesale outlets across Australia. Our comprehensive range allows trade professionals the ability to successfully penetrate the multitude of surfaces they face daily.

Tradesman Technologies is continually striving to enhance its Tornado range by producing products which solve problems for the markets we serve. That is, we aim to provide the tools which enable trade professionals to get their jobs done faster, more cost effectively and most importantly getting it right the first time.

Product development and improvement is assisted by industry and we welcome any suggestions and feedback to help us produce the best products possible. See our products in action

See the Tornado ProFix make light work of almost any material

See our products in action