Arbors, Pilots Drills & Extensions

Complete range of high-quality Arbors and pilot drills to suit Hole Saw & Core Cutter range.


Code Size mm(diameter) Length Price (inc GST)
TT-HSAPDQ Quick Change Pilot Drill $7.15 buy
TT-HSPDS Short Pilot Drill suits HSA1-ALHSA/DHSA/HS/TGHS/WHSA $50.00 buy
TT-HSPDL Long Pilot Drill suits HSA2-ALHSA/DHSA/HS/TGHS/WHSA $50.00 buy
TT-PDS Short Pilot Drill suits ALHS/TCHS/WHS $7.70 buy
TT-PDL Long Pilot Drill suits ALHS/TCHC/WHS $7.70 buy
TT-PD115 Pilot Drill 115mm for Ccxa, Dhsshd $7.70 buy
TT-PD220 Pilot Drill 200mm for Dcc, Dccb, Dbcc, Tgcd $7.70 buy
TT-HSA1 14-30mm Fit 10mm Chuck (1/2 inch thread) $17.50 buy
TT-HSA2 32-127mm Fit 13mm Chuck (2 pins) $24.75 buy
TT-HSA3 32-127mm Fit 13mm Chuck (SDS type) $22.00 buy
TT-HSA4 Arbor quick change 20-200mm (5/8 thread) $12.10 buy
TT-EXT1 220mm long Hex Extension suits 10mm Arbor HSA1/HSA2 $26.40 buy
TT-EXT2 220mm long Hex Extension suits 13mm Arbor/HSA4 $26.40 buy
TT-EXT3 220mm long SDS Plus Extension Suits 10mm Arbor/HSA1/HSA2 $26.40 buy
TT-EXT4 220mm long SDS Plus Extension Suits Arbor/HSA4 $26.40 buy


Highly Recommended
Possible, not ideal

Blue Text - Water required


For full list of arbors and pilot drills download the product data sheet.

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