Cowling Kit 150

We have worked hard to improve on our original model, and are very proud to offer this new Downlight Cowling Kit.

-New 150mm wide Cutting Capacity
-Better bearing retainer assembly for longer working life
-Twin Pin holesaw retainer to allow for faster holesaw quick changes. (No more stuck hard to remove holesaws)
-Winged spring retainer nut for easier shaft removal and installation.
-Clear Plasticised Rubber Sealing Protector Ring to minimise marking


Code Size mm(diameter) Length Price (inc GST)
TT-COWLKIT150 up to 150 $117.70 buy
TT-COWLKTPD107 Pilot to Suit 107mm $11.00 buy
TT-COWKTRP Cowl Kit Rubber Protector Clear $11.00 buy
TT-COWLSH300 300mm Shroud Adapts to Cowling Kit 150 $121.00 buy


Highly Recommended
Possible, not ideal

Blue Text - Water required


Caters for Hole saws up to 150mm hole saw

Always wear appropriate personal safety equipment when using power tools.

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