Heavy Duty Sintered Diamond Hole Saw

Heavy Duty Sintered Diamond Holesaws are designed primarily for cutting polycrete products and composite stone DRY.

They can cut natural stone, Porcelain & ceramic tiles but extra care must be taken to avoid chipping and water must be used.

These premium quality holesaws will give optimum performance and are very durable. The Heavy Duty Sintered Holesaws have a 1/2” BSP thread that can be used with a variety of arbor options.


Code Size mm(diameter) Length Price (inc GST)
TT-DHSSHD52 52 $137.50 buy
TT-DHSSHD60 60 $149.60 buy
TT-DHSSHD63 63 $155.10 buy
TT-DHSSHD65 65 $161.70 buy
TT-DHSSHD72 72 $178.20 buy
TT-DHSSHD78 78 $193.60 buy
TT-DHSSHD82 82 $203.50 buy
TT-DHSSHD95 95 $226.60 buy
TT-DHSSHD102 102 $253.00 buy
TT-DHSSHD107 107 $265.10 buy
TT-DHSSHD117 117 $289.30 buy
TT-DHSSHD127 127 $314.60 buy
TT-DHSSHD152 152 $376.20 buy
TT-DHSSHD160 160 $400.40 buy
TT-DHSSHD170 170 $411.40 buy
TT-DHSSHD180 180 $445.50 buy
TT-DHSSHD202 202 $499.40 buy
TT-DHSSHD220 220 $537.90 buy


Highly Recommended
Polycrete, Composite Stone, Cermaic Tile,
Fibreglass,Cement Sheet,Bricks (hard clay),Bricks (soft clay),Blocks (concrete), Terrazzo, Porcelain, Tile, Marble, Granite
Possible, not ideal

Blue Text - Water required


Water recommended when drilling tile and stone products.

Let the hole saw do the work and apply only minimal pressure when drilling.

Always wear appropriate personal safety equipment when using power tools.

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