Profix drill bits

The Ultimate Multi-Surface Fixing Bit!
The NEW PROFIX drill bits are extremely versatile and guaranteed to deliver. These multi-service drill bits are without equal in the market and offer trade professionals a one stop solution for common fixing jobs. The PROFIX eliminates the need and expense of having to carry of variety of bits for a variety of surfaces.

Versatilty, precision and speed when drilling: Brick , Fibre cement, Porcelain tiles, Granite, Marble, Hard woods, Plastic, Acyclic & Perspex.

Do not use hammer function while using PROFIX bits. No blow out in brick ensures solid fixing.

Max speed 500rpm, burn out will occur at higher speeds reducing performance. For extremely hard surfaces use 4mm as a pilot to significantly increase the life of more commonly used sizes. Water is not required while drilling.


Code Size mm(diameter) Length Price (inc GST)
TT-PF4 4 90 $9.00 buy
TT-PF5 5 100 $12.00 buy
TT-PF6 6 100 $14.00 buy
TT-PF6L 6 160 $20.00 buy
TT-PF6.5 6.5 100 $15.00 buy
TT-PF8 8 120 $18.00 buy
TT-PF10 10 140 $20.00 buy
TT-PFset 4-10 100 $58.00 buy


Highly Recommended
Timber / MDF, Terrazzo, Porcelain Tile, Polycrete, Plaster Board, Marble, Limestone, Composite Stone, Cermaic Tile, Cement Sheet, Bricks (hard clay), Bricks (soft clay)
Plastics, Granite, Glass, Fibreglass, Concrete (reinforced), Blocks (concrete)
Possible, not ideal
Mild Steel,Copper / Brass,Aluminium

Blue Text - Water required


Do not use hammer function. Start slowly and apply firm pressure.

Recommended MAX speed 500 RPM-burn out will occur at higher speeds.

Use 4mm bit as pilot in extremely hard surfaces. This will significantly increase the life of more commonly used sizes.

Always wear appropriate personal safety equipment when using power tools.

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