Wall Plug Drill Bits

These drill bits have been engineered to cut through a wide range of materials.

NO hammer drill required. Drill through a tiled wall and the brick behind for a solid anchor point; with
NO damage to either.

Suitable for drilling masonry, marble, ceramic & biscuit tiles and glass.


Code Size mm(diameter) Length Price (inc GST)
TT-WPD4 4 90 $8.80 buy
TT-WPD5 5 90 $9.35 buy
TT-WPD5.5 5.5 90 $9.90 buy
TT-WPD6 6 90 $10.45 buy
TT-WPD6.5 6.5 125 $10.45 buy
TT-WPD8 8 90 $11.33 buy
TT-WPD10 10 90 $13.75 buy
TT-WPD12 12 90 $17.05 buy
TT-WPD14 14 90 $20.90 buy
TT-WPDSET 4-12 $74.80 buy


Highly Recommended
Plaster Board, Marble, Glass, Composite Stone, Cermaic Tile, Cement Sheet, Bricks (hard clay), Bricks (soft clay),
Polycrete, Fibreglass,
Possible, not ideal

Blue Text - Water required


Do Not use hammer function. Not recommended for Porcelain tiles.

Always wear appropriate personal safety equipment when using power tools.

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