Wood Hole Saws - Large Series

Machined from a solid billet, these tungsten carbide tipped holesaws are ideal for cutting hard and soft timbers, MDF, melamine, structural plywood & chipboard up to 38mm thick, plastics & nylons, fibreglass & laminex products.

The non-stick coating and thick body allows these holesaws to efficiently dissipate heat which eliminates jamming, burning and damage to heat sensitive materials.


Code Size mm(diameter) Length Price (inc GST)
TT-WHSA100 100 $69.30 buy
TT-WHSA110 110 $74.80 buy
TT-WHSA115 115 $79.20 buy
TT-WHSA120 120 $82.50 buy
TT-WHSA125 125 $85.80 buy
TT-WHSA127 127 $86.90 buy
TT-WHSA130 130 $89.10 buy
TT-WHSA150 150 $102.36 buy


Highly Recommended
Timber / MDF,
Possible, not ideal

Blue Text - Water required


Let the hole saw do the work and use minimal pressure while drilling.

To avoid damage to the tungsten teeth, it is recommended that the Tornado Wood Holesaw is kept in its protective container when not in use. Can be re-sharpened and re-toothed.

Always wear appropriate personal safety equipment when using power tools.

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